Who do I need to get permission from to remodel my home?

Homeowners planning on making any changes or improvements to the exterior of their homes must complete an Architectural Review Committee Modification Request form, which can be obtained from our management company. (See below)

Examples of changes or improvements include replacement and/or addition of windows, doors, roof, changes to your patios walls, lights, and/or painting.

The management company will review the request to ensure that it is complete and contact you if anything is missing. Once the application is complete, it will be sent to the Architectural Review Committee. The Committee will review and make a recommendation to approve or deny the request, and then forward their recommendations to the Board of Directors for review at their next regularly-scheduled meeting.

This entire process may take up to 45 days, so please plan for this in your project schedules.

The Modification Request form must be approved by the Board of Directors before any work can start.

To obtain the Architectural Review Committee Modification Request form, contact:

Shawnna Carr
The Management Trust Company
39755 Berkey Drive, Suite A
Palm Desert, California 92211
Office: 760-776-5100 x6303
Fax: 760-776-5111
email: shawnna.carr@managementtrust.com