July HOA Payments – Q&A

As we transition to The Management Trust company, here are a few steps that you will need to take to get your monthly payment to the right place. Some of the information below was in a June 26, 2017 letter sent to you from The Management Trust, but we are repeating it just to make sure we get the message out.


For the future, please use this address:

Dorado Villas Homeowners Association
c/o PO Box 80293
City of Industry, CA 91716-8293

If you mailed your July payment to the old address, it will be forwarded to The Management Trust.

Electronic Funds Transfer

While we haven’t changed banks, our bank requires The Management Trust to get a new authorization for each Dorado Villas HOA homeowner who wishes to use electronic funds transfer for paying their dues. This authorization form was included in the June 26 letter from The Management Trust. The July payment may take some time for the authorization form to get processed, so please return it with your voided check as soon as possible. The Management Trust does not charge for electronic funds transfers.

Other Payment Options

The Management Trust also offers these new payment options.


You can pay from an online bill payment service such as your bank or Quicken. To do this, contact Toni Fogh-Andersen at The Management Trust (see below) to receive your account number. It is also best to include your address in the memo section of your check. The Management Trust charges $1.50 to process a payment made by e-check.

Credit Card

To pay via credit card, contact Toni Fogh-Andersen at The Management Trust (see below) to obtain your account number. Then you can use the automated system at 760-776-5100, extension 8050. The Management Trust charges 2.75% of the total payment when using this method.

Payment  via The Management Trust portal

You will soon be receiving login information for the The Management Trust portal where you can pay by credit card or e-check. The fees for e-check and credit card payments described above will also apply when you pay via the portal.

We will not be charging late fees during this transition but we appreciate your cooperation on these payment changes.

We hope to make this as smooth a transition as possible.

If you have any questions or problems regarding any of these payment methods, please contact:

Toni Fogh-Andersen
Phone: 760-776-5100 ext. 6323
Email (Toni.Fogh-Andersen@managementtrust.com).

Thank you for patience and support as we work with The Management Trust to work for us.

Your Dorado Villas Board of Directors,

Jan, Bruce, Pam, Joe and Kathleen

What types of insurance does Dorado Villas have?

We have the following types of insurance:

  • Property and Casualty, excluding earthquakes.  See the next question for a more complete description of coverage.
  • General and Umbrella Liability
  • Director’s and Officer’s Liability
  • Auto Liability (in case a vehicle is used for any purpose by the HOA)
  • Fidelity Bond (to cover embezzlement)
  • Cyber Liability and Data Breach (coverage for privacy breach response services and expenses incurred to notify and provide monitoring for homeowners affected by a breach)

The Finance Committee will be reviewing our coverage later this year to make sure that it is appropriate.  The last review was done in 2016.  If you are interested in the limits on any of these policies, please contact Shawnna Carr at The Management Trust.

What does the Dorado Villas Master Policy cover?

The master policy covers the HOA common areas. For the homes, it also covers the structure, standard bathroom, kitchen and light fixtures, standard kitchen cabinetry and countertops and standard permanently installed appliances. Covered causes of damage are fire, lightning, windstorm, hail, explosion, riot, an aircraft or vehicle, smoke, vandalism, falling objects, weight of ice, snow or sleet, collapse, sudden and accidental discharge or leakage of water as a direct result of the breaking apart or cracking of any part of a system or appliance containing water or steam. The HOA has a $10,000 deductible that may be the owner’s responsibility if the loss is to internal fixtures, appliances, or the roof.

Further information on coverage will be posted soon in the Documents Section of The Management Trust Portal.