Response to a Homeowner: Landscaping Update

We have replaced many standard irrigation water sprayers with the MP Rotator, which reduces the number of stations and has a controlled spray.  It also has a Weather Reach Signal that communicates via satellite and controls the amount of flow of water.  Some tweaking of the MP Rotators has occurred to get optimum use of the new system.

The Dorado Villas wiring system is old.  In mid-July we will start to convert to LED lamps, where possible, which will use less electricity and last longer.  We have a certified electrician assisting in the identification of outages and required parts.

We have many old and in some cases dying trees that need replacing.  This is done on a walk-through basis with Leon’s (our landscape maintenance company).  A year ago we had a landscape design firm (RGA) review our plantings and design. When replacements of trees occurs, we have been using RGA’s recommendations for the kind of trees that work well in our desert community.  With each replacement, we have needed to cut an area around the tree for watering.  Trees do not need as much water as grasses do, so adjustments are being made for optimum water regulation.

The grasses in Dorado Villas are essentially Bermuda and Rye.  In the fall, Leon’s Landscaping scalps the Bermuda grass (cutting it very low to the ground) followed by Rye grass seeding.  Unfortunately, included in grasses are weeds.  The weed seeds arrive via the air and from lawn mowers.  When mowers are used at different developments, the mowers can pick up a variety of weeds. For example, you may see Nut Grass growing in lots of places in our development.  These are the very fast growing wider blade of grass that grow several inches a day during the summer.  We have waited until this time of year to spray this weed and others.  The spraying for Nut Grass began recently.  Nut Grass is the most invasive weed on the planet with no effective remedy for permanent elimination.

— Bruce